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Africa.Careers provides support for job applications, acting as a platform connecting jobseekers with potential employers. It's important to note that we do not directly provide employment or assure job placement. Our primary focus is on facilitating the application process by offering a space for employers to advertise job opportunities and for jobseekers to apply. Additionally, we handle responses on behalf of our clients and subscribers on the platform.

All job postings on our platform are provided by our employers, and applications must be submitted online through the "APPLY ONLINE" tab located either below the job description page or on the right side of the page. Applying for a job by sending your CV directly to Africa.Careers is not an accepted method.
Africa.Careers is not a recruiting agency. We do not perform interviews on behalf of our clients/subscribers, nor do we engage with jobseekers for any matters pertaining to employment with our clients/subscribers.
Our services are completely free. Feel free to create an account, explore job opportunities, and submit applications. To get started, simply sign up through this link: https://africa.careers/user-login/
Select the job title and adhere to the application instructions provided in the respective listing. If you have inquiries regarding a submitted application, feel free to reach out to our customer service team for additional support.
To upload your CV on our platform, you need to have an account with us. If you don't have one, please create an account. Once logged in, select 'Upload CV,' browse for your CV file, and attach it. Your CV will be automatically saved in our database. Ensure you attach your latest CV whenever you apply for a job.
Your resume will be forwarded to the employer responsible for the hiring process. Please be patient if you don't receive an immediate response, as it may take weeks or even months to review all applications. If you are a successful candidate, the employer will contact you. Additionally, we are actively educating employers about the significance of responding to applicants. We are introducing an online tool to facilitate employers in sending responses to all candidates, whether they were successful or not.
If you are unable to access your account, you can visit the login page and find a link that allows you to either reset your password or contact us if you have forgotten your username and password. To reset your password, click on the following link: https://africa.careers/signin-signup and click the "Forgot your Password" option.